Support Us

Today is a beautiful day and not everyone can say that! Because those who have been struggling even for the most basic necessities of a human, every day being  alive is only a blessing and miracle for them.

And even worse is the condition of those animals, who can't even voice out their agony nor do they see any help coming their way.  So, we have taken it upon ourselves, to feed as many cows, dogs, cats, monkeys or any animal that we can. 

While we have been doing this for quiet sometime, it is always a great motivation when more hand join to help us. We humbly request you to generously donate so that we can continue to feed many hungry souls. 

Every contribution - big or small, counts. Who says  money can't buy happiness? It does and it stays longer, only if you spend it for things that matter, rather than perishable luxuries.

Support us in our mission to become a beacon of Hope for the voiceless souls.